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Established since 1990, AVI is designed to meet your expectations in terms of monobloc swimming pools made of fiberglass, custom industrial parts for the railway industry, automotive and aeronautical industry, being able to implement any of the most diverse projects. domains.

With more than 32 years of experience in the field of composite materials, AVI has built a solid reputation based on satisfying customer demands, offering advanced technical and economical design solutions, implementing customer ideas and quality production in series. account at the same time of the constraints of the delivery terms.

AVI Products

we produce composite parts for:

The surface of the AVI Industrial factory
The surface of
AVI Pools factory
(Strada Silozului, 31, Carcea, Dolj)
Quality certifications

Quality Certifications for AVI SRL

AVI makes every effort to maintain and improve environmental standards.
For more details please see the attached documents.

ISO-9001 (RO)

ISO-9001 (RO)

ISO-14001+Cor 1 :2009 (RO)


ISO-14001+Cor 1 :2009 (RO)

EN-15085 (RO)

ISO-14001+Cor 1 :2009 (RO)

ISO-45001 (RO)

ISO-14001+Cor 1 :2009 (RO)

ISO-TS22163 (RO)

ISO-14001+Cor 1 :2009 (RO)

DIN_6701 (RO)

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